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Let’s Dance

Toddlers and Dancing Toddlers love moving to music. By using their bodies, they can express emotion and explore various ways their bodies move. Below are … Read More

Bev Bos

Bev Bos is Cindy’s greatest mentor, and her philosophy of educating children has been largely influential to how and what we teach your little ones … Read More

Spring Fling – A Day at the Farm

On Saturday, In a Child’s Path kids and their families joined In a Child’s Path staff at Cindy’s family farm in Boring, Oregon. We started off … Read More

Why Wooden Toys are Better

  Parents may wonder what the benefits of choosing wood over plastic toys are. Plastic toys have loads of bells and whistles. They are shiny, … Read More

Fun Portland Activities for Babies and Toddlers

We love your wee ones and we work hard to make sure they are getting all the right stimulation they need to grow and learn … Read More

Teaching your little one a foreign language

Babies are never too young to learn a foreign language. At the Little House, we like to incorporate the Spanish language into our daily activities. … Read More

Garden Activities for Toddlers

It’s getting to be that time of year again. The days are getting longer, trees are beginning to bud and daffodils are opening their lovely … Read More

Baby Sign Language

Babies absorb a TON of information on a daily basis. All this stimulus can be both exciting and overwhelming for babies, which is why it’s … Read More

Celebration of Light at the Little House

It was a festive night on Thursday, December 6th. All the toddlers from the little house put on a lighting ceremony to celebrate the lights that fill our lives … Read More

Things to do Around Town

Whenever I am in the mood for something new to do with my little one I head to PDX Kids Calendar.  These folks know about … Read More

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