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Bev Bos


Bev Bos is Cindy’s greatest mentor, and her philosophy of educating children has been largely influential to how and what we teach your little ones at In a Child’s Path. Our staff attends Bev’s annual Good Stuff for Kids Conference every year. This conference has been an incredible resource and huge learning opportunity for all of us.

Overall Bev’s philosophy is simple and is characterized by these developmental education principles: children learn through play, interaction, problem solving, exploration and discovery. Cooperation is more conducive to learning than competition. Children learn best when they can make choices and set their own goals. Each child is unique. Education is an on-going process, which is enhanced when the child, teacher and family work together.

In addition to being amongst one of the more respected teachers in the childcare industry, Bev also plays the harp and sings beautifully. We sing her songs Down on the Farm, Let the Wild Wind Blow and Plant a Rose for Me at In a Child’s Path and the kids really love singing along. Here is a video of her song called The Swing. It’s a sweet, playful song that your kiddos will adore.

Bev Bos’s books and music are all available on the website Turn the Page.




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