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Garden Activities for Toddlers

spring is almost here

It’s getting to be that time of year again. The days are getting longer, trees are beginning to bud and daffodils are opening their lovely yellow flowers for us to see. It’s a magical, transformative time for everyone. And it’s also a good time to show your toddler what it takes to make a garden grow. Planting seeds is the most natural (and fun) way to teach your child where food comes from.

Hands are the perfect tool for softening the ground, which works well with kids who love getting their hands into dirt. You can also teach your little ones how to dig and smooth soil with a kid’s shovel and/or trowel.

Planting seeds is a great way to build the fine motors skills because the action of planting involves a lot of pinching and sprinkling. It’s also a good way to teach your little one how to measure. By using a stick as a guide, you can teach your child how far apart each seed should be.

Using a small watering can, your kiddo can watch as the water they carefully feed the plants absorbs each drop.

To continue the fun with your little one in the garden, check out these links below:

Themed garden

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Make a pooter and observe small bugs

Happy gardening!


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