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Daily Activities

The Preschool House is dedicated to age appropriate development, ultimately preparing children for kindergarten. Open-ended play areas encourage inventiveness and self-expression to increase brain functioning and build self-esteem.

Our Lead Preschool Teacher is fluent in both English and German and has been with us for over nine years. Our Assistant Preschool Teacher is fluent in English and Spanish and enjoys dancing and singing with the children. Together this pair of amazing teachers aim to challenge and engage each individual child each day and with every activity through the power of play. Careful thought is given to the environment which includes lots of books, a writing center, an art room and constantly rotated, open-ended and inspiring materials located throughout the school.

Activities focus on both large and fine motor development. Your preschooler’s day may include: music, inventing with manipulatives (paint, clay, markers, tape, blocks, trains, toys, etc.), reading or dressing up for dramatics and role playing. Often, we take an inside activity, like painting, outside for a new perspective.