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Journal 9-30-2014

Francise, Alyssa & Emma were at the writing table.  Dean & Frey were fighting a house fire. Vivian worked on some Kindergarten work, the matching game.  Kennedy played with some play dough.  Frey was sharing that when you wash your hair, you put your head waaaaay back so the water does not go in your eyes!  Then the boys greeted their friends as they arrived. Dean and Vivian were our breakfast helpers.  Out in the front yard, Hazel, Ellie, Ella and Alyssa were going down the slide over and over again.  Emma & Kennedy were princesses in the tall tower.  Turner and Frey were firefighters.  Turner and Braeden whipped through the bike bath. Alex and Vivian were bug and treasure hunters. Francise and Ella used the big ball and they sold ice cream too. Then, Carolyn came and we all sang songs!

What an awesome day!!

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