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Journal 1-7-2014

Monday January 6th 2014

Welcome back! We made it to new year and are so excited for 2014.

Ella, Elsa and Collin were the first ones here at school this morning. They immediately went to check out the grocery store in our dramatic play area. Ella and Collin handled the money for the store while Elsa decided to draw a picture at the writing center. Ella and Collin used their imagination to make money out of some stickers.

While this was going on, Vivian was using the magnetic shapes to build a castle and Cameron used the hot glue gun to make machine. Meanwhile, Elsa explored the sensory tub of beans and spent some time creating with playdough.

Camille came to school wearing new slippers and joined Ella, Collin and Vivian in the dramatic play area. They all bought groceries and took them home to put away in the kitchen.

Outside, Collin and Ella were Batman and Batgirl while Emma was a girl with a butterfly. Camille and Ella chased each other around the playground and Alex was a fast flying airplane. Maddy, Cameron and Ben played some games with the hoola hoops while Anthony danced around the Christmas trees. Elsewhere, Vivian, Camille, and Ella J were fairies.

After outdoor play, we headed inside for more play before lunch. Downstairs had a lot of action going on as Alex and Ben played with the trains and Dean got busy cooking in the kitchen. Penguin Camille, pranced around in her cape while Collin built with blocks. While all this was going on, Elsa was up in the loft making a sandwich.

Upstairs also had a lot of action going on, as Anthony, Ella J, and Ella R were busy exploring the beans in the sensory tub. Maddy and Cameron got in the dramatic play area as they sold many things in their grocery store. Ava, Vivian and Emma were next door playing in the kitchen and then a little while later decided to build garages for the cars out of the magnetic tiles.

It was a fun-filled and busy day.

Have a great evening.

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