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Baby’s Incredible Brain

When newborns come into the world their brains are impressively hardwired to take in abundant information. They miraculously take in their first breath, eat and … Read More

Baby Sign Language

Babies absorb a TON of information on a daily basis. All this stimulus can be both exciting and overwhelming for babies, which is why it’s … Read More

Nap time at the little house

Naptime at the little house is one of the cozier places in the world. Everyone has a special place to sleep. The older babies – … Read More

Nina Laden’s Books for Babies and Toddlers

Babies LOVE interactive books, especially books with cut outs and mirrors to see themselves in. Nina Laden’s books Peek-a-Who, Grow Up and Who Loves You … Read More

DIY toys for toddlers!

There are so many creative ways to encourage imagination and play. Here are five amazing DIY projects that are sure to entertain your toddler: links … Read More

Celebration of Light at the Little House

It was a festive night on Thursday, December 6th. All the toddlers from the little house put on a lighting ceremony to celebrate the lights that fill our lives … Read More

Red Tricycle 2012 Totally Awesome Award

We are pleased to announce that In a Child’s Path was a finalist in the Red Tricycle 2012 Totally Awesome Awards. We are so honored … Read More

The Power of Play and Learning

At In a Child’s Path, we base our educational philosophy on the power of play. Watch this great video about children explaining the power of … Read More

Things to do Around Town

Whenever I am in the mood for something new to do with my little one I head to PDX Kids Calendar.  These folks know about … Read More

Gardening with Your Child

Here at In a Child’s Path, we love to let the children do the gardening.  We, as teachers, are there for support, to get additional supplies, … Read More